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About the author

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Ben Smedstad started making games nearly 25 years ago... and has worked in nearly every game genre, on nearly every platform in that time, but he had to start somewhere...


Back in the mid 90s when working on his first professional game (one he was actually being paid to make) he looked around for a source, some book, anything that could give some insight into how games are actually made.  Why were there so many people involved, what did they actually do?  How are these seemingly random decisions being made and why?  Hundreds of questions and no one to answer them.  Odd there was no source for this information, but time was tight so he just got to work and learned the hard way many lessons about the industry.

Decades later he looked around again for such a book now that he had the experience under his belt he wanted to compare his experiences to others.  There was still no book on the subject.  Some people wrote about very specific aspects, narrow slices of what it takes to make a game, but there was no one book that covered "how do games actually get made?".  He kept having to explain to students, gamers, and even his parents what went on the gaming industry over and over it dawned on him, he is in the perfect position to write this book himself. Fun Factory: An Insider's Guide on the Game Industry became that book.

Ben is currently consulting, designing and freelancing for developers and publishers who want to make better games.  More can be found out about what Ben is up to and his current projects at www.forerunnerltd.com